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EX2046 - Cover for 420
420 top cover, made of heavy duty, long lasting 1680D polyester/pvc. 100% water resistant and rot f..

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EX3025 - Padded 420 mast cover
Fully padded 420 mast cover. Tapered towards the top with reinforced openings for hounds and spread..

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EX3026 - Padded 420 boom cover
Fully padded 420 boom cover. Same construction as the mast cover above but with 120 cm long zip for..

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EX3027 - Padded 420 rudder cover
EX3027 - Padded 420 rudder cover Fully padded  rudder cover for 420 class sailing. Protects your ex..

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EX3030 - Sail faster 420 DVD
Learn how to go faster on your 420 with the help of world champions. Here you can see some amazing ..

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EX3035 - 420 training sails
International 420 main and jib of 4.18 Challenge performance Dacron. Well finished including sailba..

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EX3037 - 420 Spinnaker
 EX3037  - 420 Spinnaker 7 panel spinnaker of 0.75 oz Challenge cloth..

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EX3040 - 420 Spinnaker poles
Tapered and untapered spinnaker poles for 420. 38-25 mm tapered pole and 25 mm untapered pole both ..

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EX3044 - 10"Hawk wind indicator
The original 27 cm (10”) Hawk Wind Indicator. Lightweight with a balanced arm and the Hawk “V” jewel..

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EX3045 - Two part trapeze handle
Two part trapeze handle. The 2 half’s can be assembled around existing trapeze wires. So there is n..

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EX3055 - Clamcleat
Clamcleat CL253AN Hard Anodised Trapeze and Vang Cleat A cleat with integral roller and fairlead de..

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